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Karla and Brent Burris

Joe and Cindy Irwin

Joe has been involved in music ministry for over thirty years. He sang and played bass with a family group called the Woodromes for many years as they traveled throughout the southeastern United States. Cindy is a prayer warrior and key member of the sound team.

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Appointed By Grace offers a unique mix of gospel music singing styles. God has gifted them as singers, songwriters, musicians and ministers. They have proven themselves to be dedicated to God and their families. Their ministry consists of powerful singing wrapped in the Word of God and seasoned with personal testimonies. Through the medium of song, they paint a portrait of hope for the lost, call the sinner to repentance, and encourage the Christian to service. 

Karla and Brent Burris

Karla grew up in a family of talented singers and musicians. She has taught Sunday school, AWANA, and ladies Bible studies in her home church. For over thirteen years, she performed weekly at the Liberty Opry. Singing there led to many opportunities for her to sing at community ceremonies, Senior Center programs, worship services and various church functions. Brent has served for many years as a deacon, Director of AWANA program and often runs sound for Appointed By Grace. He is a valuable part of the ABG sound team.

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Christine Scott

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Bookings: 979-492-9972

Joe and Cindy Irwin

Christine Scott

Christine, our newest member, has been singing since elementary school when she accepted the Lord as her Savior and has enjoyed singing in church since she was a teenager. She traveled singing and preaching with her husband, Floyd, for 20 years as Hearts of Grace until he passed away in 2020. She plays piano and always has a smile on her face because the joy of the Lord is her strength.